Pilgrim leaders and collaborators

Pilgrim Leaders and Collaborators

Pilgrimages are guided by Beth and Jess, both of whom are experienced facilitators and will be offering meditation and movement practices throughout the way. After dark, the team will expand to include a group of musicians who will provide a musical landscape for us to journey through the seasons.


We are lovers of the Earth, and believers that it is in our connection with the Earth that true belonging can be known, communion experienced, and joy found.


We are also lovers of celebration, and we feel it needs to be rescued from the intoxicated corners of society and reclaimed as an essential expression of being awake and alive.


Beth Thomas


Beth grew up in a Christian family which blessed her with good foundations. However, it was on hedonistic dancefloors that her spiritual journey began. A love for bass and rhythm brought her into her body in a more alive way, and she reveled in the ecstasies of never-ending parties. Wrapped up in an unhealthy lifestyle, hedonism soon faltered and there began a more conscious search for depth and connection. Combined with the heart-breaking realisation of our human destruction upon the Earth, she has been led by a commitment to realign humanity with the web of life we have become conceptually separated from, and thus her spiritual path has been rooted in a desire to step back into rhythm with the Earth.


Her spiritual practice formed predominantly through Buddhist teaching, which soon brought her back round to Christianity whose traditions and teachings she is an explorer of. She sees spiritual practice as a pathway into a more awake and authentic relationship with life; and spiritual traditions therefore in service to life rather than the other way round. For two years she co-facilitated Wild Church, which is a roaming pilgrim’s church whose altars are atop of tors or beside rivers or under the canopy of trees. She is now a Spiritual Ecology Fellow at St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace, and Roots into Reverence is part of the outcome of this fellowship.


Find out more about Spiritual Ecology at St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace.

Jess Stein


Jess grew up in a household that was mixed on many levels, part English, part Christian, part German-Jewish, part atheist; the encouragement was to be open, curious and kind above all else. Her spiritual practice continues to be electrified by the meeting points between traditions, the shared certainties beyond difference which bind us as human beings.


A fascination with the body and all its mysteries has been a continuous thread through Jess’ practice and life; a way to find peace and freedom from a worrisome and anxious mind. A love of movement brought her to yoga and she qualified as a teacher in 2010. Drawn to practices which emphasise on the subtle, unseen aspects of the human body, she practices and teaches Dru Yoga and Scaravelli inspired yoga.


A parallel reverence for stillness, silence and community led Jess to the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh and then to spend a year at The Barn Retreat, a Buddhist retreat centre in Devon, offering people from all over the world a space to reconnect with themselves, each other and the landscape. Jess was privileged to be a retreat coordinator at the Barn for a year holding space for others and being held by the space itself. The experience has left her with an unshakable faith in the potential for goodness and happiness in all beings and a commitment to finding ways to recreate the beautiful essence of the place wherever she is able.


You can find more about Jess’s work and practice at her website www.movementandstillness.co.uk.


Fractal Teapot


“I dance through the labyrinths of life with a keen taste for the fertile ferment of paradox.” An artist & physicist, Jamie shares his insight into the divine nature of reality through a mosaic of interactive visualisations. Jamie has developed a real-time presentation platform to share his work; transcending the linear paradigm of PowerPoint to offer an immersive storytelling experience. His ‘computational alchemy’ has proven equally successful on the dance floor as it has in the classroom. Travelling internationally to share workshops and classes on the mythos of physics, he is currently based in Devon, where he is a visiting lecturer at Schumacher College.


Jamie created the artwork for the Roots into Reverence front page, based on an oak tree on the Dartington Hall Estate.



Pollen Tribe


Pollen Tribe is a multi media arts collective, based in the South West UK. We collaborate with a network of visionary musicians, artists, performers & teachers to create inspirational events & workshops for people of all ages. Bringing together local & global artists, we are gathering the creative nectar, to offer a delicious taste of music, dance, visuals, storytelling, circus, theatre & performance based art.







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Pilgrim leaders and collaborators

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Pilgrim leaders and collaborators

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Pilgrim leaders and collaborators